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Unghii cu Papadie - Dandelion Nails

   Cu toate ca aveam acest tutorial terminat de aproximativ doua saptamani, din lipsa de timp abia astazi am avut o mica pauza in care sa pot sa scriu articolul.
   Although I had this tutorial finished about two weeks ago, because of the lack of time only today I had a little break to write the article.

   Am avut nevoie de : Un lac de baza pentru a-mi proteja unghiile, un lac alb pentru fundal, un lac pentru matifiere, vopsea acrilica neagra si alba pentru model si o pensula subtire.
   I needed : A base coat to protect my nails, a white nail polish for the background, a matifying top coat, black and white acrylic paint for the model and a thin brush.
   Eu am folosit : Farmec - Baza complex fortifiant, Farmec #50 pentru fundal, Flormarpentru matifiere si vopsea acrilica de la Born Pretty Store.
   I used : Farmec - Base coat fortifying complex, Farmec #50 for the background, Flormar matifying top coat and acrylic paint from Born Pretty Store.

   Am aplicat un strat de oja pentru baza, astfel incat modelul sa reziste mai mult timp:
   I applied a base coat, in order that the model to resist longer:

Folosind oja alba, am facut fundalul unghiilor:
Using the white nail polish, I made the nail's background:

Dupa ce oja s-a uscat putin, pe unghia degetului mijlociu am trasat o linie verticala si am facut un punctulet, folosind pensula subtire si vopseaua acrilica neagra:
After the nail polish dried a bit, I drew on the middle finger nail a vertical line and I made a little dot, using the thin brush and the black acrylic paint:

Am trasat cateva liniute curbe si drepte pentru a desena papadia:
I traced some curved and straight lines to draw the dandelion:

Am trasat liniile pe jumatate din unghia degetului inelar, iar pe cea de la degetul mic doar in zona lunulei:
I traced some lines on the half of the ring finger nail, and on the little finger I draw it only in lunula area:

Pe unghia degetului aratator, am facut profilul unei persoane:
On the index finger, I made a person's profile:

Am colorat spatiul ramas liber cu vopseaua acrilica neagra, iar cu cea alba am corectat imperfectiunile si am adaugat unele detalii:
I coloured the free space with the black acrylic paint, and using the white one I corrected the imperfections and I added some details:

   La sfarsit, am adaugat un strat de oja pentru matifiere.
   At the end, I added a matifying top coat.

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